Kimberly Mathis – Doula in training Rebozo Comfort Measures

Kimberly J. Mathis

Rebozo practicum comfort measures techniques for Child Birthing 11/15/20 with Debra Pascali Bonaro, DONA Doula and Instructor; Alejandra Lozano, Midwife


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  1. Marcy Ganoe Avatar
    Marcy Ganoe

    Hi Kimberly,

    Congratulations on completing your doula training!

    I’ve been a doula for 7 years, and worked with PALS for the first 3 years. I moved to the West Coast for a midwifery apprenticeship, and now I’m in nursing school to eventually become a CNM. I didn’t take Debra’s training, so my way of doing things might be a little different. Here’s my feedback for you:

    I love your explanation of the history of the rebozo.
    Great job spreading the rebozo across the entire belly and continually ensuring proper placement through all the positions!
    I liked that you put the pillow down for her knees. Don’t forget knee cushioning for yourself though! We put a lot of stress on our bodies as birthworkers, so remember good body mechanics.
    Double hip squeeze and sacral counterpressure – I would avoid pressing upwards against her spine. Either keep it in the neutral starting position, or pull down slightly. This will elongate the spine, which opens up the chest and allows her to take deeper breaths.
    Love the sidelying hip-rib pull technique.
    Great job adding the heat pack! She looks so comfy during this part.
    This was a fantastic video overall! You are very skilled with the rebozo and you have a nurturing, calming energy.

    Good luck on your doula journey!