Meet the Doulas – Sophie Davis

In her work as a birth doula, Sophie Davis embraces patience and her innate listening abilities to make her clients feel heard. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and from a young age she has always adored babies. She completed her foundation training with Carriage House Birth in Brooklyn in July 2016. Upon moving to Philadelphia in October 2017, she began working with the Maternity Care Coalition as a community doula.

Sophie is motivated to help her clients feel empowered and supported in their births. She dreams about a world in which consent in labor is paramount. Her goal at every birth is for her client to understand what is going on and to help them feel powerful in any scenario. Sophie has a personal practice of yoga and enjoys using her knowledge of prenatal yoga to get her clients moving and to prepare their bodies for labor. She has experience supporting single parents as well as partnerships. 

Outside of birth work, Sophie dances Contact Improvisation and she holds a BA in photography. She works every day at maintaining a practice of kindness for her body through yoga, dance, baths, massage, and eating well; she encourages her clients to be equally kind to their bodies. Sophie can be reached at


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