About PALS

The Philadelphia Alliance for Labor Support (PALS) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Philadelphians have a positive birth experience.

It was started in 1998 by UPENN nursing students and has since expanded to include students from various UPENN programs, community members, and birth professionals. Our doulas provide free labor support services including physical, emotional, and informational support, and we provide subsidized training to those wishing to become doulas.

PALS offers trainings with a DONA International doula trainer and receives funding from the University of Pennsylvania Student Activities Council (SAC), and we have working relationships with the Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania. However, we work independently and for the sole benefit of our individual clients.

Our Mission Statement

Philadelphia Alliance for Labor Support (PALS) is a group of labor and delivery doulas committed to improving birth experiences and outcomes in the Philadelphia area, as well as promoting the development of new and experienced doulas.

We provide trained labor and birth support people (doulas), free of charge, to people who would otherwise be unable to access doula care. We provide subsidized DONA International certified training, twice a year, to those interested in becoming doulas.

Our meetings serve as a support network, resource, and forum and are open to anyone interested in empowering and supporting people through the most positive birth experience possible.

Anyone and Everyone can benefit from working with a doula

Doulas provide emotional support in labor, which can shorten first-time labor, reduce the need for a cesarean section, reduce the use of drugs to stimulate labor, reduce requests for epidurals, and reduce the need for forceps to assist birth.

Here’s a great article summing up the current research on the benefits of working with a doula:  https://evidencebasedbirth.com/the-evidence-for-doulas/