Comfort Measures with Newly Trained Doulas

Stephanie Acquaye

Hello everyone,

I hope you and your loved ones are doing as well as can be during these times!

This past weekend, we hosted a virtual DONA birth doula workshop, and we have 28 newly trained doulas who are eager to join PALS! Because the workshop was online, many of them did not get the chance to practice comfort measures as we typically do during doula training workshops. We’ve invited the newly trained doulas to use this member forum to share their videos of themselves practicing comfort measure techniques with a partner, and we invite all of our other PALS doulas to leave comments, tips and encouragement on the forum posts the new doulas share.

They will begin to share their videos this week, and I’m hoping this will be a nice chance for everyone to connect.

Stephanie Acquaye, PALS Training Coordinator