Comfort Measures Video

Ryniah Dumas


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  1. Marcy Ganoe Avatar
    Marcy Ganoe

    Hi Ryniah,

    Congratulations on completing your doula training!

    I’ve been a doula for 7 years, and worked with PALS for the first 3 years. I moved to the West Coast for a midwifery apprenticeship, and now I’m in nursing school to eventually become a CNM. I didn’t take Debra’s training, so my way of doing things might be a little different. Here’s my feedback for you:

    You have an amazing doula voice – very soothing!
    You and your partner did a beautiful job demonstrating the techniques, and he looks like he’d be great at labor support! However, I would have liked to see you actually performing some of the maneuvers, like the double hip squeeze for example.

    Good luck on your doula journey!