Doula Comfort Measures – Simran Chand

Simran Chand

Hi everyone!

My name is Simran and I am currently a senior at Penn. I am double majoring in Gender, Sexuality, & Women’s Studies and Biology and I am studying to attend medical school after graduating. I am so excited to be a part of PALS and very eager to be a doula.

Happy Holidays!


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  1. Marcy Ganoe Avatar
    Marcy Ganoe

    Hi Simran,

    Congratulations on completing your doula training!

    I’ve been a doula for 7 years, and worked with PALS for the first 3 years. I moved to the West Coast for a midwifery apprenticeship, and now I’m in nursing school to eventually become a CNM. I didn’t take Debra’s training, so my way of doing things might be a little different. Here’s my feedback for you:

    I love the professional presentation of your video!
    You have a positive energy that comes across on camera.
    Good double hip squeeze technique.
    When pulling the client toward you with the rebozo while they’re on all fours, make sure their knee doesn’t go beyond a 90 degree angle (hips and knees in vertical alignment) to minimize risk of injury. I would have them start with their butt a little further back, and then pull them up to 90 degrees.

    Good luck on your journey to becoming a doctor!